Version for personal computers

The program provides following modes of simulation:

modeling of thermo-mechanical processing

The program interface provides an ability to simulate evolution of the microstructure of steel in both arbitrary cooling regimes, as well as cooling combined with a sequence of multiple strains in the austenitic region (for example, hot rolling mode). To perform calculations of this type, users need to enter data on chemical composition, initial austenite grain size and set the temperature/temperature-deformation processing regime. The simulation results include a lot of different graphs for changing a wide range of microstructure parameters in the process of simulated processing and quantitative estimates of the parameters of the final microstructure and mechanical properties.

calculation of CCT-diagrams

Calculation of CCT-diagrams may be carried out in a wide adjustable range of cooling rates.

calculation of CCT-diagrams

Сalculation of TTT-diagrams may be carried out in any adjustable temperature range.

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